Slide Making Lone Worker Safety Easy and Reliable. Responded to 24/7/365 by professionals who are there to help, when you can’t be. Slide Easy to use WSG safety app can transform complicated and outdated lone worker check-in procedures to simple and effective monitoring for all. Slide Safety in the palm of their hand An alert can be activated by a press of the ‘button’, shake of the phone, voice command or via a discreet Bluetooth button. Slide Safety and Medical alerts Activate safety (duress) and medical alerts at the press of a button.
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“It’s like our security blanket….. all we have
to do is shake the phone and we know that someone will call us”

St John of God

Alert types to fit your needs

WorkSafe Guardian allows your employees to activate either a medical alert or a safety alert.

These alerts are responded to with the appropriate emergency personnel and can be activated in four different ways.

24/7 Response Center

The purpose of Worksafe Guardian’s monitored solution is to relieve your organization’s responsibility to be available 24/7.

All alerts are actioned by our licensed and trained professionals at the WSG Response Center.

Our purpose built Response Center is approved by all relevant emergency services around the US and is  accredited to the highest possible Standards.

Management Portal

Managing the WorkSafe Guardian app is made easy with our user-friendly interface and easy on-boarding.

Whether you need to add new employees, set escalation
groups for response plans or generate user reports.

WSG is designed for people with any technology background
and is included for unlimited users with no additional charges.

The Lone Worker App suitable for any environment

Employers can’t always complete a risk assessment everywhere workers will perform their duties, especially for lone workers or those who work alone and offsite.

The WorkSafe Guardian safety app can provide peace of mind for you and your employees in any industry.

– In home consultants
– Real Estate
– Government
– Health Care Professionals
– Campus / Schools
– Transport / Logistics
– Trades People
– Infrastructure

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Reduce employee risk—and yours—with 24/7 monitoring and instant Emergency Service response for your most valuable asset.