About Us

Discover the story behind WorkSafe Guardian

About WorkSafe Guardian

WorkSafe Guardian is an Australian-based organization headquartered in the heart of South Australia. Founded in 2016, we have established ourselves as pioneers in personal safety technology within Australia.


Recognizing a critical gap in the Work, Health & Safety industry in Australia, WorkSafe Guardian’s leadership team identified an opportunity to leverage mobile phones as a safety solution for individuals working, traveling, or operating alone. Our purpose-built solution draws upon over 25 years of experience in the security industry and continues to evolve to address ongoing Work, Health, and Safety challenges and requirements.

Our Mission

At WorkSafe Guardian, our mission is clear: to provide the best Health and Safety Technology tools that enhance the physical and mental security of individuals.

Our Commitment

We are committed to developing innovative solutions that empower organizations and individuals to prioritize safety in any environment and industry. Our team is dedicated to advancing safety technology and delivering solutions that mitigate risks, address regulatory requirements and ensure peace of mind.

Why Choose WorkSafe Guardian?

  • Expertise: Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in personal safety technology.
  • Purpose-Built Solution: Our solution is designed specifically to address the unique safety needs of lone workers and remote users.
  • Continuous Evolution: We continuously evolve our system to tackle the evolving challenges tied to Occupational Safety and Health.

Join Us in Making Safety a Priority

Partner with WorkSafe Guardian to proactively enhance safety with our all-in-one mobile duress system. Whether you’re a Central Monitoring Station reselling to clients or a large enterprise aiming to protect frontline staff with efficient response processes, we provide the ideal solution.