Feel Safe and Confident Using a Lone Worker System

We understand that Lone Workers want to feel safe and confident using a Lone Worker system. With our WorkSafe Guardian App, employees won’t ever have to worry that their service won’t function properly when the time comes to use it!

Getting help is easy

Once a user triggers an alert, our Response Centre will immediately start response protocols. With a simple touch, shake or shout, an operator will be in touch to help. No waiting and no worries.

Our Response Centre is 24/7

There is a key difference between WorkSafe Guardian and other Lone Worker Devices. All alerts from the WorkSafe Guardian App go to our purpose-built Response Centre, which operates 24/7 and relieves your organisation’s responsibility of being available any hour of the day or night. Other devices are programmed to contact 1 nominated number (often the worker’s supervisor) leaving the worker in danger if that nominated person doesn’t answer the phone.

Every alert from the WorkSafe Guardian App will immediately call through to an operator at the Response Centre, who will get your location, ascertain the severity of the situation, and follow escalation protocols to contact the relevant authorities (whether it’s Emergency Services, your supervisor, or whoever is listed in your response plan).

All alerts are actioned by our licensed and trained professionals at the Response Centre, which is approved by all relevant emergency services around Australia and is accredited ‘Grade A1’ – the highest possible rating under the Australian Standards.

We can find your exact location
(but only when an alert is triggered!)

Location is found through a process called triangulation, which uses multiple references to narrow down the possible location of a device. The more points of reference available, the more accurate a location can be found. Mobile phones utilise GPS, cellular, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth to triangulate your location as accurately as possible

We tested location accuracy on various devices (not including phone applications) and found all had occurrences of inaccurate location (known as “drift”). In one case we saw a “drift” of 7 km, which in this situation was 1/1000th of a digit out on google mapping. Location accuracy is important for emergency situations as all these devices send live locations to the Response Centre.

For the most part, in a single storey building with good mobile phone service, the accuracy is still good. But the issue arises when the user goes to the 3rd, 4th or 20th floor of a building. How does the device know the elevation? The problem is it doesn’t. Another scenario is areas where there is low phone data coverage, and all the device can do is triangulate from the mobile phone towers. This is where the greatest ‘drift’ occurs and it can be kilometres from where the user really is.

Using a personal safety device that is NOT a smartphone App will not allow a user to input their location, which is so important when an alert is triggered. Safety Apps such as WorkSafe Guardian allow the user to first gauge the accuracy of the device in their area by having a live map feature, and secondly by allowing for manual notes on their location. For example: ’39 Main Street, Level 12, West Meeting Room’.

Why is this so important? Because when an alert is triggered and a responders is d1spatched, seconds count. With location tuning and the ability to manually enter additional information, the Response Centre professional can clearly guide emergency services to an accurate location. 

Responders will know what you look like

During the sign-up process, WorkSafe Guardian will capture some identifying information of the user – things like eye colour, hair colour, height and weight. By gathering and obtaining this info, WSG ensures that any emergency responders have the appropriate description of the individual who needs help. There is no risk to the user’s privacy either, as the information is securely stored in our own servers and is only accessible to our operators. 

It’s for all these reasons that WorkSafe Guardian App users feel safe and confident using a Lone Worker System, and reassured that they will receive a timely and accurate response when they activate an alert!

"If a person feels unsafe, it's just as bad as them being unsafe. This app actually contributes to them feeling safer in the workplace."

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