WSG Culture

Workplace Culture is essential because it is the personality of a business. For this reason, we decided on the values and vision that we wanted for WorkSafe Guardian as a team! Promoting and maintaining a positive and safe workplace is super important as it allows us to uphold our standards and keep kicking goals. Encompassing these elements into our company vision and values made for a great way of understanding what matters most to us all.

Vision: WorkSafe Guardian strives to provide the best Workplace Health and Safety Technology tools to better assist with the physical and mental security of lone workers and vulnerable people.



WorkSafe Guardian is constantly striving to achieve the best, acting with integrity in everything we do is an essential part of how we operate as it demonstrates the strong ethical behaviours all employees are expected to uphold and demonstrate within every aspect of the business.


Creating a supportive and warm environment for all employees is crucial in building a positive culture and increasing mental and physical well-being. All employees should feel comfortable coming into the workplace knowing that there is always someone around to guide them through any questions or concerns they may have.


 WorkSafe Guardian respects all people and welcomes diversity at all levels. Being part of a team means being able to respect one another’s rights, beliefs, and opinions on all topics and matters. WSG promotes a culture in which employees are valued for both their skills and as people, allowing all employees the chance to succeed.


Practicing accountability allows all employees the chance to take ownership of their actions and show initiative throughout all aspects of the business. Accountability allows for a proactive and reliable environment, in which all employees are given the ability to thrive and succeed.


 Is an expectation that promotes an adaptable approach throughout all aspects of our business relations. Allowing for an agile and flexible system which opens us up to necessary growth and change while maintaining mutual respect for one another.