Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week is a yearly event that aims to raise awareness and promote the importance of protecting personal information. This year’s theme, chosen by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), is Privacy: The Foundation of Trust. In support, we outlined some of the ways WorkSafe Guardian understands and participates in Privacy and […]

Feel safe and confident using a Lone Worker system

Feel Safe and Confident Using a Lone Worker System We understand that Lone Workers want to feel safe and confident using a Lone Worker system. With our WorkSafe Guardian App, employees won’t ever have to worry that their service won’t function properly when the time comes to use it! Getting help is easy Once a […]

Your Mental Health Toolkit

Work Design for Health

Your Mental Health Toolkit A new Work For Health Framework One of the most crucial aspects of any thriving workplace is the health and wellbeing of employees.  A focus on employee health can result in significantly enhanced employee engagement and productivity.  But it also creates a positive safety culture and atmosphere for all employees.  So […]

Why Schools Need A Lone Worker Safety Solution

Safety in the work place 101

Why Schools Need a Lone Worker Safety Solution First things first, being a lone worker doesn’t mean that you work alone all the time. It simply means there are times when you are working by yourself without direct supervision. This also means that many jobs require lone workers at certain times. If you’d like more […]

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments and lone worker safety apps

WSG Rapid Risk Assessment No more excuses for not performing a Risk Assessment for Lone Workers. Why don’t more companies perform lone worker risk assessments? Risk assessments are never easy. You have to take into account factors including the type of work, the location, and who will perform it. Even if you identify these, how […]

Why Healthcare Worker Safety Is So Important

Why Healthcare Worker Safety Is So Important

Why Healthcare Worker Safety Is So Important   Healthcare worker’s safety has never been a more important issue. To keep people in their homes for longer we are constantly employing new methods. As we do the number of in-home carers also grows. Health Care Worker safety needs to be addressed and a professional solution likewise […]

What is a Lone or Remote Worker?

What is a Lone or Remote worker? A remote worker, lone worker, Isolated worker, and field worker are all terms used to describe an employee who works alone. Often, these workers suffer from extra risks because of this and need extra safety measures as well. An article by OHS Reps goes into detail about the risk a remote worker […]